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I like the final design for my portfolio site as it has all the features that I wanted included in the design and it has kept with the same style as the branding package. I think the icons I have created for the footer make it easy for viewers to identify what each section of […]

—————————————————————————————————— Here is my final header image for my portfolio site. I have kept the company name fairly bold, only highlighting the first letter of every word. I have positioned the logo so that it is still recognizable but doesn’t dominate the header. I like how I have used a very gentle radial gradient emitting […]

To keep my portfolio and the blog separate (professional and personal) I have decided to give the blog a slightly different styling. Whilst it keeps a very similar layout with both the header and the footer being the same size, content and layout they differ in style by being a lighter colour scheme, with the […]

When using dark colour schemes you can loose some of the readability, which is highest with dark text on a light background. One way of keeping some of the readability is to use a more pleasant and less eye-straining contrast between the background colour and the text colour. —————————————————————————————————— —————————————————————————————————— By using a sans-serif font […]

For this design I have used a similar image (with different proportions) to that used in the branding package, which includes the logo on the right instead of the left and each first letter of the name done in red and the rest in white. I have then positioned a very simple but functional and […]

Footers nowadays tend to have allot more in them than just © and the company’s name. Some have the main navigation repeated, links to social networking site, recent blog posts, contact forms, rss feeds and any number of other features. And then there are some that just keep it plain and simple and finish the […]

Another solution to the abnormal proportions of the logo is to do what I did in the branding package and only show a portion of it for the site header. In this layout I have also changed it to be a central fixed width, single column layout so that there are no ‘awkward’ white spaces. […]

The header of a website is a very important aspect as it is often the first thing a visitor will see and will give them an instant first impression of the site, more likely than not deciding weather they want to stay or leave the site. It can relate to a magazine or book cover […]

The Flash Factory Portfolio Site What I do I have a small freelance web development business, mainly focusing on Flash development providing product for clients of small businesses and stock sites. What the site needs to do This will be a portfolio site where I will be able to showcase my work to prospective clients, […]

Although this layout  idea uses alot of common practices for web designs, top navigation, fixed layout, logo top left, footer at the bottom and content in between, the positioning of the logo causes unessicary ‘white space’ beneith it where, due to its proportions, it doesnt line up with the main content box. This would mean […]