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This is a rough story board for a short 20-30 second long animation in the same style as previously tested. It involves a few extra and altered techniques such as getting the cowboy and horse to stand up on its own rather than propped up against a window frame, balancing it on its hind legs […]

After looking at the previous animations earlier in this blog I have decided to do an animation of a cowboy on a horse so have started to develop some tests to see what can be done with the techniques and equipment that I have. I’ve started with a simple six frame animation that I have […]

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For a few years now I have been experimenting with stop-motion animation and really like the feeling of satisfaction on completion of a random piece. Some animations I have come across recently and want to explore some of the techniques used are the title sequence for Russel Howards Good News  a really interesting method of […]



A blog to help me explore ideas. There are many ideas that flitter in and out of my head on a daily bases and hopefully by writing about and exploring them i will be able to develop them more successfully. I am a first year Web Design and Technology student but am also very interested […]