Cowboy Animation


After looking at the previous animations earlier in this blog I have decided to do an animation of a cowboy on a horse so have started to develop some tests to see what can be done with the techniques and equipment that I have. I’ve started with a simple six frame animation that I have previously done of a horses run cycle. I have then gone through each individual frame and, with a drawing tablet, drawn on a cowboy that moves along with the horse.


Horse and Cowboy Printout

Horse and Cowboy Printout


Then because I wanted a hand drawn look to them I printed this sheet out and traced the images with a black ball point ink pen giving a nice crisp line. I then photocopied this, stuck it to some card and carefully cut out the images with a stanley knife leaving a base to be able to prop them up when animating.


Cutout Horses

Cutout Horses


I then animated them for a test run cycle.

I like the style I have done this animation in a plan to create a storyboard for a full animation with extras such as scenery and other characters. I like how it creates a very unique and personal animation as everything is hand drawn by me and has nice little slight imperfections that make it even more unique and original.


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